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qos.hpp File Reference
#include <string>
#include "rclcpp/duration.hpp"
#include "rclcpp/visibility_control.hpp"
#include "rmw/incompatible_qos_events_statuses.h"
#include "rmw/qos_profiles.h"
#include "rmw/types.h"
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struct  rclcpp::QoSInitialization
 QoS initialization values, cannot be created directly, use KeepAll or KeepLast instead. More...
struct  rclcpp::KeepAll
 Use to initialize the QoS with the keep_all history setting. More...
struct  rclcpp::KeepLast
 Use to initialize the QoS with the keep_last history setting and the given depth. More...
class  rclcpp::QoS
 Encapsulation of Quality of Service settings. More...
class  rclcpp::SensorDataQoS
class  rclcpp::ParametersQoS
class  rclcpp::ServicesQoS
class  rclcpp::ParameterEventsQoS
class  rclcpp::SystemDefaultsQoS


 This header provides the get_node_base_interface() template function.


std::string rclcpp::qos_policy_name_from_kind (rmw_qos_policy_kind_t policy_kind)
bool rclcpp::operator== (const QoS &left, const QoS &right)
 Check if two QoS profiles are exactly equal in all policy values. More...
bool rclcpp::operator!= (const QoS &left, const QoS &right)