rmw  master
C API providing a middleware abstraction layer which is used to implement the rest of ROS.
allocators.h File Reference
#include "rmw/types.h"
#include "rmw/visibility_control.h"
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void * rmw_allocate (size_t size)
void rmw_free (void *pointer)
rmw_node_trmw_node_allocate (void)
void rmw_node_free (rmw_node_t *node)
rmw_publisher_trmw_publisher_allocate (void)
void rmw_publisher_free (rmw_publisher_t *publisher)
rmw_subscription_trmw_subscription_allocate (void)
void rmw_subscription_free (rmw_subscription_t *subscription)
rmw_guard_condition_trmw_guard_condition_allocate (void)
void rmw_guard_condition_free (rmw_guard_condition_t *guard_condition)
rmw_client_trmw_client_allocate (void)
void rmw_client_free (rmw_client_t *client)
rmw_service_trmw_service_allocate (void)
void rmw_service_free (rmw_service_t *service)
rmw_wait_set_trmw_wait_set_allocate (void)
void rmw_wait_set_free (rmw_wait_set_t *wait_set)

Function Documentation

◆ rmw_allocate()

void* rmw_allocate ( size_t  size)

◆ rmw_free()

void rmw_free ( void *  pointer)

◆ rmw_node_allocate()

rmw_node_t* rmw_node_allocate ( void  )

◆ rmw_node_free()

void rmw_node_free ( rmw_node_t node)

◆ rmw_publisher_allocate()

rmw_publisher_t* rmw_publisher_allocate ( void  )

◆ rmw_publisher_free()

void rmw_publisher_free ( rmw_publisher_t publisher)

◆ rmw_subscription_allocate()

rmw_subscription_t* rmw_subscription_allocate ( void  )

◆ rmw_subscription_free()

void rmw_subscription_free ( rmw_subscription_t subscription)

◆ rmw_guard_condition_allocate()

rmw_guard_condition_t* rmw_guard_condition_allocate ( void  )

◆ rmw_guard_condition_free()

void rmw_guard_condition_free ( rmw_guard_condition_t guard_condition)

◆ rmw_client_allocate()

rmw_client_t* rmw_client_allocate ( void  )

◆ rmw_client_free()

void rmw_client_free ( rmw_client_t client)

◆ rmw_service_allocate()

rmw_service_t* rmw_service_allocate ( void  )

◆ rmw_service_free()

void rmw_service_free ( rmw_service_t service)

◆ rmw_wait_set_allocate()

rmw_wait_set_t* rmw_wait_set_allocate ( void  )

◆ rmw_wait_set_free()

void rmw_wait_set_free ( rmw_wait_set_t wait_set)