rclcpp_lifecycle  master
C++ ROS Lifecycle Library API
rclcpp_lifecycle: Package containing a prototype for lifecycle implementation.
  • Lifecycle states: Define the State class. There are 4 primary states: Unconfigured, Inactive, Active and Finalized. There are also 6 transition states which are intermediate states during a requested transition. Configuring, CleaningUp, ShuttingDown, Activating, Deactivating and ErrorProcessing.
  • Lifecycle transitions Define the Transition class. There are 7 transitions exposed to a supervisory process, they are: create, configure, cleanup, activate, deactivate, shutdown and destroy.
  • Lifecycle publisher creates a publisher that allows enabling and disabling message publication.
    • rclcpp_lifecycle/publisher.hpp
  • Lifecycle node: An optional interface class for life cycle node implementations.

Some useful internal abstractions and utilities: