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allocator_deleter.hpp File Reference
#include <memory>
#include <stdexcept>
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class  rclcpp::allocator::AllocatorDeleter< Allocator >


 This header provides the get_node_base_interface() template function.


template<typename Alloc , typename T >
using rclcpp::allocator::Deleter = typename std::conditional< std::is_same< typename std::allocator_traits< Alloc >::template rebind_alloc< T >, typename std::allocator< void >::template rebind< T >::other >::value, std::default_delete< T >, AllocatorDeleter< Alloc > >::type


template<typename Alloc , typename T , typename D >
void rclcpp::allocator::set_allocator_for_deleter (D *deleter, Alloc *alloc)
template<typename T , typename U >
void rclcpp::allocator::set_allocator_for_deleter (std::default_delete< T > *deleter, std::allocator< U > *alloc)
template<typename Alloc , typename T >
void rclcpp::allocator::set_allocator_for_deleter (AllocatorDeleter< T > *deleter, Alloc *alloc)