sensor_msgs/msg/JointState Message

File: sensor_msgs/msg/JointState.msg

Raw Message Definition

# This is a message that holds data to describe the state of a set of torque controlled joints.


# The state of each joint (revolute or prismatic) is defined by:

# * the position of the joint (rad or m),

# * the velocity of the joint (rad/s or m/s) and

# * the effort that is applied in the joint (Nm or N).


# Each joint is uniquely identified by its name

# The header specifies the time at which the joint states were recorded. All the joint states

# in one message have to be recorded at the same time.


# This message consists of a multiple arrays, one for each part of the joint state.

# The goal is to make each of the fields optional. When e.g. your joints have no

# effort associated with them, you can leave the effort array empty.


# All arrays in this message should have the same size, or be empty.

# This is the only way to uniquely associate the joint name with the correct

# states.

std_msgs/Header header

string[] name
float64[] position
float64[] velocity
float64[] effort

Compact Message Definition

std_msgs/msg/Header header
string[] name
double[] position
double[] velocity
double[] effort