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C API providing a middleware abstraction layer which is used to implement the rest of ROS.
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rmw_qos_incompatible_event_status_t Struct Reference

#include <incompatible_qos_events_statuses.h>

Public Attributes

int32_t total_count
int32_t total_count_change
rmw_qos_policy_kind_t last_policy_kind

Member Data Documentation

◆ total_count

int32_t rmw_qos_incompatible_event_status_t::total_count

Total cumulative number of times the concerned subscription discovered a publisher for the same topic with an offered QoS that was incompatible with that requested by the subscription.

◆ total_count_change

int32_t rmw_qos_incompatible_event_status_t::total_count_change

The change in total_count since the last time the status was read.

◆ last_policy_kind

rmw_qos_policy_kind_t rmw_qos_incompatible_event_status_t::last_policy_kind

The Qos Policy Kind of one of the policies that was found to be incompatible the last time an incompatibility was detected.

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