geometry_msgs/msg/TransformStamped Message

File: geometry_msgs/msg/TransformStamped.msg

Raw Message Definition

# This expresses a transform from coordinate frame header.frame_id

# to the coordinate frame child_frame_id at the time of header.stamp


# This message is mostly used by the

# <a href="">tf2</a> package.

# See its documentation for more information.


# The child_frame_id is necessary in addition to the frame_id

# in the Header to communicate the full reference for the transform

# in a self contained message.

# The frame id in the header is used as the reference frame of this transform.

std_msgs/Header header

# The frame id of the child frame to which this transform points.

string child_frame_id

# Translation and rotation in 3-dimensions of child_frame_id from header.frame_id.

Transform transform

Compact Message Definition

std_msgs/msg/Header header
string child_frame_id
geometry_msgs/msg/Transform transform