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C API providing common ROS client library functionality.
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rcl_wait_set_t Struct Reference

Container for subscription's, guard condition's, etc to be waited on. More...

#include <wait.h>

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Public Attributes

const rcl_subscription_t ** subscriptions
 Storage for subscription pointers. More...
size_t size_of_subscriptions
const rcl_guard_condition_t ** guard_conditions
 Storage for guard condition pointers. More...
size_t size_of_guard_conditions
const rcl_timer_t ** timers
 Storage for timer pointers. More...
size_t size_of_timers
const rcl_client_t ** clients
 Storage for client pointers. More...
size_t size_of_clients
const rcl_service_t ** services
 Storage for service pointers. More...
size_t size_of_services
struct rcl_wait_set_impl_t * impl
 Implementation specific storage. More...

Detailed Description

Container for subscription's, guard condition's, etc to be waited on.

Member Data Documentation

◆ subscriptions

const rcl_subscription_t** rcl_wait_set_t::subscriptions

Storage for subscription pointers.

◆ size_of_subscriptions

size_t rcl_wait_set_t::size_of_subscriptions

◆ guard_conditions

const rcl_guard_condition_t** rcl_wait_set_t::guard_conditions

Storage for guard condition pointers.

◆ size_of_guard_conditions

size_t rcl_wait_set_t::size_of_guard_conditions

◆ timers

const rcl_timer_t** rcl_wait_set_t::timers

Storage for timer pointers.

◆ size_of_timers

size_t rcl_wait_set_t::size_of_timers

◆ clients

const rcl_client_t** rcl_wait_set_t::clients

Storage for client pointers.

◆ size_of_clients

size_t rcl_wait_set_t::size_of_clients

◆ services

const rcl_service_t** rcl_wait_set_t::services

Storage for service pointers.

◆ size_of_services

size_t rcl_wait_set_t::size_of_services

◆ impl

struct rcl_wait_set_impl_t* rcl_wait_set_t::impl

Implementation specific storage.

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