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rclcpp::WallTimer< FunctorT, > Class Template Reference

#include <timer.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 WallTimer (std::chrono::nanoseconds period, FunctorT &&callback, rclcpp::Context::SharedPtr context)
- Public Member Functions inherited from rclcpp::GenericTimer< FunctorT >
 GenericTimer (Clock::SharedPtr clock, std::chrono::nanoseconds period, FunctorT &&callback, rclcpp::Context::SharedPtr context)
 Default constructor. More...
virtual ~GenericTimer ()
 Default destructor. More...
void execute_callback () override
void execute_callback_delegate ()
void execute_callback_delegate ()
bool is_steady () override
 Is the clock steady (i.e. is the time between ticks constant?) More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from rclcpp::TimerBase
 TimerBase (Clock::SharedPtr clock, std::chrono::nanoseconds period, rclcpp::Context::SharedPtr context)
 ~TimerBase ()
void cancel ()
bool is_canceled ()
 Return the timer cancellation state. More...
void reset ()
std::shared_ptr< const rcl_timer_tget_timer_handle ()
std::chrono::nanoseconds time_until_trigger ()
 Check how long the timer has until its next scheduled callback. More...
bool is_ready ()
 Check if the timer is ready to trigger the callback. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from rclcpp::GenericTimer< FunctorT >
FunctorT callback_
- Protected Attributes inherited from rclcpp::TimerBase
Clock::SharedPtr clock_
std::shared_ptr< rcl_timer_ttimer_handle_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ WallTimer()

template<typename FunctorT , typename std::enable_if< rclcpp::function_traits::same_arguments< FunctorT, VoidCallbackType >::value||rclcpp::function_traits::same_arguments< FunctorT, TimerCallbackType >::value >::type * = nullptr>
rclcpp::WallTimer< FunctorT, >::WallTimer ( std::chrono::nanoseconds  period,
FunctorT &&  callback,
rclcpp::Context::SharedPtr  context 

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