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rclcpp::Clock Class Reference

#include <clock.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 Clock (rcl_clock_type_t clock_type=RCL_SYSTEM_TIME)
 Default c'tor. More...
 ~Clock ()
Time now ()
bool ros_time_is_active ()
rcl_clock_tget_clock_handle () noexcept
rcl_clock_type_t get_clock_type () const noexcept
JumpHandler::SharedPtr create_jump_callback (JumpHandler::pre_callback_t pre_callback, JumpHandler::post_callback_t post_callback, const rcl_jump_threshold_t &threshold)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Clock()

rclcpp::Clock::Clock ( rcl_clock_type_t  clock_type = RCL_SYSTEM_TIME)

Default c'tor.

Initializes the clock instance with the given clock_type.

clock_typetype of the clock.
anythingrclcpp::exceptions::throw_from_rcl_error can throw.

◆ ~Clock()

rclcpp::Clock::~Clock ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ now()

Time rclcpp::Clock::now ( )

Returns current time from the time source specified by clock_type.

current time.
anythingrclcpp::exceptions::throw_from_rcl_error can throw.

◆ ros_time_is_active()

bool rclcpp::Clock::ros_time_is_active ( )

Returns the clock of the type RCL_ROS_TIME is active.

true if the clock is active
anythingrclcpp::exceptions::throw_from_rcl_error can throw if the current clock does not have the clock_type RCL_ROS_TIME.

◆ get_clock_handle()

rcl_clock_t* rclcpp::Clock::get_clock_handle ( )

◆ get_clock_type()

rcl_clock_type_t rclcpp::Clock::get_clock_type ( ) const

◆ create_jump_callback()

JumpHandler::SharedPtr rclcpp::Clock::create_jump_callback ( JumpHandler::pre_callback_t  pre_callback,
JumpHandler::post_callback_t  post_callback,
const rcl_jump_threshold_t threshold 

These callback functions must remain valid as long as the returned shared pointer is valid.

Function will register callbacks to the callback queue. On time jump all callbacks will be executed whose threshold is greater then the time jump; The logic will first call selected pre_callbacks and then all selected post_callbacks.

Function is only applicable if the clock_type is RCL_ROS_TIME

pre_callback.Must be non-throwing
post_callback.Must be non-throwing.
threshold.Callbacks will be triggered if the time jump is greater then the threshold.
anythingrclcpp::exceptions::throw_from_rcl_error can throw.
std::bad_allocif the allocation of the JumpHandler fails.
the instance of the clock must remain valid as long as any created JumpHandler.

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