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types.hpp File Reference
#include <rcl_action/types.h>
#include <action_msgs/msg/goal_status.hpp>
#include <action_msgs/msg/goal_info.hpp>
#include <climits>
#include <functional>
#include <string>
#include "rclcpp_action/visibility_control.hpp"
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struct  std::less< rclcpp_action::GoalUUID >
struct  std::hash< rclcpp_action::GoalUUID >
 Hash a goal id so it can be used as a key in std::unordered_map. More...




using rclcpp_action::GoalUUID = std::array< uint8_t, UUID_SIZE >
using rclcpp_action::GoalStatus = action_msgs::msg::GoalStatus
using rclcpp_action::GoalInfo = action_msgs::msg::GoalInfo


RCLCPP_ACTION_PUBLIC std::string rclcpp_action::to_string (const GoalUUID &goal_id)
 Convert a goal id to a human readable string. More...
RCLCPP_ACTION_PUBLIC void rclcpp_action::convert (const GoalUUID &goal_id, rcl_action_goal_info_t *info)
RCLCPP_ACTION_PUBLIC void rclcpp_action::convert (const rcl_action_goal_info_t &info, GoalUUID *goal_id)