rcl_interfaces/msg/ParameterDescriptor Message

File: rcl_interfaces/msg/ParameterDescriptor.msg

Raw Message Definition

# This is the message to communicate a parameter's descriptor.

# The name of the parameter.

string name

# Enum values are defined in the `ParameterType.msg` message.

uint8 type

# Description of the parameter, visible from introspection tools.

string description

# Parameter constraints

# Plain English description of additional constraints which cannot be expressed

# with the available constraints, e.g. "only prime numbers".


# By convention, this should only be used to clarify constraints which cannot

# be completely expressed with the parameter constraints below.

string additional_constraints

# If 'true' then the value cannot change after it has been initialized.

bool read_only false

# If true, the parameter is allowed to change type.

bool dynamic_typing false

# If any of the following sequences are not empty, then the constraint inside of

# them apply to this parameter.


# FloatingPointRange and IntegerRange are mutually exclusive.

# FloatingPointRange consists of a from_value, a to_value, and a step.

FloatingPointRange[<=1] floating_point_range

# IntegerRange consists of a from_value, a to_value, and a step.

IntegerRange[<=1] integer_range

Compact Message Definition

string name
uint8 type
string description
string additional_constraints
boolean read_only=False
boolean dynamic_typing=False
rcl_interfaces/msg/FloatingPointRange[<=1] floating_point_range
rcl_interfaces/msg/IntegerRange[<=1] integer_range